Captain Cook Conference in Paris on 7th-8th February 2020

‘Captain Cook After 250 Years: Re-exploring the Voyages of James Cook’


An International Conference on Captain James Cook’s Voyages (1768-1779)

7th-8th February 2020
Sorbonne Université

Organised jointly by the Hakluyt Society, the Society for the Study of Anglophone travel literature (SELVA), Histoire et Dynamique des Espaces Anglophones (HDEA) and Voix Anglophones: Littérature et Esthétique (VALE).

It is free to attend, but you must email the co-ordinator, Pierre Lurbe, ( by 27 January, telling him whether you intend to attend the entire conference or just one particular day or session.

It will be held on Friday 7th (all day) and Saturday 8th (in the morning).

VENUE: Sorbonne University, Amphithéâtre Georges Molinié, Maison de la Recherche, 28 rue Serpente, 75006 Paris.


Friday 7 February 2020:

8.45-9.00: Welcome addresses

9.00-10.35: Session 1: “Visions of Paradise”
Chair: Pierre Lurbe (Sorbonne Université)

9.00-9.25: Anja Winters (University of Vienna), “Paradise Lost – An essay on Terra Australis Incognita and Captain James Cook”

9.25-9.50: Vanessa Alayrac-Fielding (Université de Lille), “From William Hodges’s View of Matavai Bay (1776) to Simon Gende’s Captn Cook in Australia (2018): the aesthetic of Pacific exploration and encounter in the 18th century and beyond”

9.50-10.15: Ben Pollitt (University College London), “Weaponized Aesthetics – Fireworks and the Burkean Sublime in Cook’s Last Voyage”

10.15-10.35: Discussion

10.35.-11.00: coffee break

11.00-12.35: Session 2: “Explorers and Conquerors”
Chair: Jim Bennett (Hakluyt Society)

11.00-11.25: Anna Agnarsdóttir (University of Iceland), “James Cook and Joseph Banks: From exploration to imperialism”

11.25-11.50: Pierre-François Peirano (Université de Toulon), “James Cook and the search for the ‘Northwest Passage’: the stakes and the scope of the third voyage”

11.50-12.15: Dane A. Morrison (Salem State University), “Performing Cook: American Explorers’ Appropriation of James Cook’s Voyages”

12.15-12.35: Discussion

12.35-2.00: lunch break

2.00-3.35: Session 3: “Transmissions and Translations”
Chair: Anne-Florence Quaireau (Sorbonne Université)

2.00-2.25: Odile Gannier (Université Côte d’Azur), “Cook’s Journals as Log-Books”

2.25-2.50: Erik Stout (University of Montreal), “The voyages of Cook and Bougainville, through the eyes of their fellow travelers”

2.50-3.15: Antoine Eche (Mount Royal University, Calgary), “Démeunier’s Translation of A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean”

3.15-3.35: Discussion

3.35-4.00: coffee break

4.00-5.00: 1st plenary
Chair: Emmanuelle Peraldo (Université Côte d’Azur)

4.00-4.45: Jean-Stéphane Massiani (Aix-Marseille Université), “What Cook saw and What Hawkesworth wrote. Alterations and Authorship in the publication of Cook’s Endeavour journal”

4.45-5.00: Question time

Evening: dinner in town

Saturday 8 February 2020:

9-10.35: Session 4: “James Cook Revisited”
Chair: Will Slauter (Université de Paris)

9.00-9.25: Sandhya Patel (Université Clermont Auvergne), “The Afterlives of James Cook”

9.25-9.50: Ben Ferguson (Université de Versailles Saint Quentin), “Kaleidoscopic Cook: shifting legacies explored in Barry Lopez’ Horizon”

9.50-10.15: John Mullen (Université de Rouen), “Content Concerning Indigenous Peoples in Authorized Heritage Discourses about Captain Cook’s Voyages”

10.15-10.35: Discussion

10.35-11.00: coffee break

11.00-12.00: 2nd plenary
Chair: Ladan Niayesh (Université de Paris)

11.00-11.45: John McAleer (University of Southampton), “Exhibiting exploration: James Cook, voyages of exploration, and the culture of display”

11.45-12.00: question time

12.00-12.30: Concluding remarks and wrap-up


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