The Hakluyt Society was established in 1846 and is named after the Elizabethan editor of travel accounts, Richard Hakluyt (1553-1616). A registered charity, the Society has for its object the advancement of knowledge and education, particularly in relation to the understanding of world history. It pursues this aim by publishing scholarly editions of primary narratives of travel and exploration. Often previously available only in manuscript or in unedited versions in languages other than English. the Society has so far published over 200 editions in some 350 volumes. It also runs its own online journal.

This blog features news stories related to the history of travel, exploration, and global encounters. In line with the nature of the Society, its objective is to forge links between academic research and the wider community of interested readers. On the one hand this blog serves as a medium for the Society to communicate news about its publications and activities to a global readership, on the other hand it offers a platform for researchers to disseminate their findings beyond the confines of academia.

With its growing online presence and increased benefits for student members, the Hakluyt Society continues to reach new audiences and differentiate its membership base. In addition to keeping up-to-date with the Hakluyt Society blog, you are encouraged to follow the Society on Facebook and Twitter. More information about the Society’s history, publications, research funding, essay prize, and further activities can be found on our website: http://www.hakluyt.com/.

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