On Hakluyt business: Sarah Tyacke in California

The Hakluyt Society’s recent publication of Russian California, 1806-1860: A History in Documents was celebrated with a symposium held at the University of Notre Dame campus in London on 15 July 2014. Transcripts of the talks delivered by Professor emeritus James Gibson (York University, Toronto) and Prof. Janet Hartley (LSE) can be found here. Earlier this year, past president of the Hakluyt Society Dr. Sarah Tyacke gave a talk to promote Russian California at the Huntington Library, San Marino, CA. She wrote the following post:

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On a research visit to the Huntington Library, past president Sarah Tyacke met professor emeritus (UCLA) Norman Thrower now aged 96 at his home in Pacific Palisades. He is a long time member of the Society and of the American Friends of the Hakluyt Society, and was the editor of The Three Voyages of Edmond Halley in the Paramore, 1698-1701 published in 1981. He is in good health and remembers his editorship of the Hakluyt Society volumes with some pride.

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Sarah Tyacke visiting professor emeritus Norman Thrower

Also at the Huntington Library, Sarah gave a short talk on the history of the Society based closely on the work of Roy Bridges and Paul Hair, also past presidents, and promoted James Gibson‘s and Alexei Istomin‘s Russian California, 1806- 60. She was very pleased to meet some members of the Society as well as a number of graduate students researching at the Library, and gave them Hakluyt Society President Michael Barritt‘s greetings.

It was especially pleasing to meet professor emeritus Stanley M. Burstein (California State) who edited Agatharchides of Cnidus, On the Erythraean Sea in 1989 for which she had been the series editor.

Find out about this fascinating account concerning the second century BC Ptolemaic explorer of the Red Sea here. For a full bibliography of Hakluyt Society publications, or to become a member, visit hakluyt.com.

Darmstadt Seot13, HampsteadHeath March Flo March,Pasadena May14, 062Sarah Tyacke is past president and current vice-president of the Hakluyt Society. She has a long and distinguished career in academic scholarship and archive management. She was Keeper of Public Records and Historical Manuscripts Commissioner for the United Kingdom government and Chief Executive of the National Archives of England and Wales from 1992-2005. She continues to publish on the history of cartography.

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Richard who? – Introducing the Hakluyt Society

Welcome to the brand new Hakluyt Society blog!

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For a Society that has been around for nearly 170 years, introducing ourselves like a novice may in some sense seem comical; and surely for the readers of our successful series of publications it is. However for those who are new to the Society, let us start by telling something about who we are and what we do. The Hakluyt Society was founded in 1846 and has been active as a publisher ever since. In this period, we published more than 300 primary accounts of travel and exploration, most recently the two-volume Russian California 1806-1860: A History in Documents. A complete list can be found here. The Society is named after Richard Hakluyt (1552-1616), collector and editor of narratives of voyages and travels relating to English interests overseas, best known for his The Principal Navigations, Voyages and Discoveries of the English Nation. A new edition of this monumental work is currently being prepared.

Apart from its primary role as a publisher of scholarly texts, the Hakluyt Society also employs other means for the advancement of knowledge of geographical exploration and cultural encounter. It runs a free online journal, it organises and participates in symposia and conferences, and starting in 2014-2015 it will annually award the Hakluyt Society Essay Prize. Two years ago the Hakluyt Society also made its appearance in the social media space, with its Facebook and Twitter accounts which serve as primary channels for news concerning travel and exploration.

This blog will serve as a medium for communicating news and information relating to the Society’s interests which do not necessarily find their way to its website, and which cannot be compressed into a tweet. What is more, this blog will also provide a platform for guest bloggers to share stories and information related to their research in fields covered by the Society. This could take the form of a short piece about a person or event connected with one of the books published by the Society, for instance in relation to an anniversary or exhibition. Readers who are interested in contributing are warmly invited to get in touch.

Spread the word and watch this space!

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